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Philip Nessralla
Records Access Officer

The Traffic Commission meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. at the DPW Brockton Utilities Water/Sewer Division, 39 Montauk Rd., Brockton

PHONE: (508) 580-7807

EMAIL: traffic@cobma.us


 Mary Milligan
Parking Clerk


Capt. John Hallisey
Brockton Police Department

Deputy Chief Kevin Galligan
 Brockton Fire Department

Commissioner Larry Rowley
 Brockton DPW

Kenneth Galligan
Craig Pina
Morton Schleffer

Councilor Timothy Cruise
Councilor Thomas Monahan

Brockton City Hall

The Traffic Commission's responsibilities include: enforcement and regulation of the rules, regulations and ordinances which pertain to vehicular street traffic and parking and adoption, and amendment and repeal of said regulations as needed.

The Parking Clerk administers the processing and determination of parking ticket appeals and conducts hearings at violators' request. The Parking Clerk also accepts and processes payments for parking violations issued as Massasoit Community College and holds hearings when requested.

The Traffic Commission is also responsible for all line painting in the city, traffic signs, repair of the traffic control signals, maintenance and placement of school zone lights, placement of barriers, and payment of police details used during the course of street painting. The Traffic Commission may restrict parking on certain streets within the City when public safety and convenience warrant it, and may issue resident parking permits for restricted parking when needed. The Traffic Commission is also responsible for the advertising and printing of all parking regulations and resident parking permits.

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