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Refuse Frequently Asked Questions


  • When should I put out my trash for pick-up?

  • Whom do I call if my trash or recycling is missed?

  • How do holidays or weather-related events affect my trash service?

  • How do I find out if trash collection is cancelled due to weather?

  • What is the Holiday Schedule for 2018?

  • What is my weekly trash limit?

  • Where do I get “Brockton” bags for my extra trash?


Bulk, Yard & Hazardous Waste

  • What is the procedure for Christmas tree pick-up?

  • How many large items may I put out for curbside pick-up each week?

  • How do I dispose of an Appliance, metal item, or lawnmower?

  • How do I dispose of a TV, Monitor, Mattress, Box Spring or Couch over 60"

  • What should I do with unused paint?

  • When is Hazardous Waste Day?

  • When does curbside yard waste pick-up begin and end?

  • What is included in yard waste? How much yard waste may I put out per week?

  • How do I prepare yard waste for curbside collection?

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