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MaryLynn Peters-Chu

Records Access Officer

PHONE: (508) 580-7153

EMAIL: auditors@cobma.us


Brockton City Hall
45 School Street
Brockton, Mass.  02301


8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Brockton City Hall

The mission of the Auditing department is to protect the fiduciary interests of the City by providing independent, timely oversight of the City's finances and to ensure that the financial transactions are executed legally, efficiently, and effectively in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws.

The Auditing Department evaluates the city’s system of internal controls and advises the city employees, management, and the City Council on ways to improve those controls.  The Auditing Department examines all accounts, books, and records of the city that reflect transactions involving the financial activities of the city, including those for which the city has a responsibility as an agent, custodian or trustee.  The department also performs financial and performance audits for the city and the Brockton Public Schools.

The Auditing Department assures that all financial transactions are undertaken in accordance with federal, state, and local law. Additionally, the department monitors adherence to all applicable regulations, contracts, and City policies as well as compliance to generally acceptable accounting principles (GAAP). The department serves as a barrier to potential fraud or misuse of City's resources.

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