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Privacy Policy

  Our privacy policy is very simple - we don't share your information with anyone. If we ask for your name or other contact information it is simply to allow us to contact you in case of any questions or to reply to your questions. We won't use your information for any other reason, we don't sell it and we don't give it out.

  Information obtained online (such as assessment information) can also be obtained at City Hall, we provide it here as a convenience. We do not provide extra security online, if it's available freely at City Hall it's available freely online.

  The City of Brockton does not charge any fees for online payments; however, the banks that handle the transactions do charge minimal service fees. These fees are not collected by the City of Brockton, and we have no control over them. Any bank or credit card information you enter is held securely by the bank for the purpose of processing the payment. The City of Brockton has no access to that information and it is not stored on our system.

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