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The City of Brockton is seeking a qualified individual to fill a part-time Outreach Worker position with the Brockton Council on Aging, located at 10 Father Kenney Way.  The position is part-time, non-benefited position consisting of 15 hours per week (position is subject to funding from State Grant, FY2017 State Council on Aging Formula Grant and future fiscal year state funding).

            Duties include but are not limited to the following:  Under the direction of the Council on Aging Director, the Outreach Worker assists elders and their families in defining needs, facilitating access to services and providing information and referrals.  The position requires theoretical and or technical knowledge of human services or gerontology with equivalent experience or education in a closely related field such as nursing or social work. 

  • Making home visits or meeting with clients in the office to identify and address the needs of elders.
  • Assisting clients with applications to various programs.
  • Making appropriate referrals
  • Providing support, advocacy.
  • Assists elders as needed with Medicare and other government or private health and welfare related programs, especially during Medicare’s annual open enrollment period in the fall.
  • Encourage participation in Senior Center programs and activities.
  • Working collaboratively with local agencies and family members to provide cohesive services to clients as needed.
  • Attending meetings and trainings as required by job.
  • Must maintain client files and input appropriate client information in computer.
  • Must maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Other tasks as needed.
  • Compiles and maintains all necessary program reports and records, submits monthly client log to the Council on Aging Director.Provides feedback to the Director of the Council on Aging regarding the needs of clients.
  • Assists in the development of programs that will benefit the elder population and the community.
  • Assists with housing problems, works with Brockton Housing Authority.
  • Attends workshops, seminars and lectures to develop and enhance knowledge in the field of Gerontology.

Work Environment:  The workload is subject to seasonal and other fluctuations including administrative deadlines and open enrollment periods.  Performance of duties requires contact with Federal, State, City and local departments/agencies to provide and obtain information.  The employee has access to confidential files.  Errors could result in delay or loss of service or monetary loss.

Minimum Qualifications:  Graduation from a two year or four year college or university with a degree in social work or a closely related field.  Two years experience in Human Service Program or an equivalent combination of education and experience.  SHINE certification to help elders with Medicare and other health needs is highly desirable (willing to train suitable candidate).

            Additional Requirements:  Valid Massachusetts driver’s license and dependable vehicle.  CPR trained and certified preferred.

            Knowledge, Ability and Skill:

  • Ability to exercise patience, compassion and flexibility and to make independent judgments in responding to emergency situations.
  • Strong organizational skills, interpersonal, written and verbal skills.
  • Considerable knowledge of elder service programs and delivery systems.
  • Some knowledge of human services.
  • Ability to manage crises and sensitive issues.
  • Ability to work and communicate with people and maintain confidentiality.
  • Computer literacy is required.
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment.

Essential Functions:  The employee operates standard office equipment.  Minimal physical effort is required to perform administrative work.  The employee is frequently required to stand, walk, speak and hear, use hands, reach with arms, climb stoop and is occasionally required to move objects weighing up to ten pounds.  Vision requirements include the ability to read and analyze documents and operate a motor vehicle and other equipment.

Salary:  $14.00 per hour

Hours:  15.0 hours per week (hours may vary per week)

      Location:  Council on Aging, 10 Father Kenney Way, Brockton

      Persons interested in being considered for the position should submit a cover letter, resume, copy of MA driver’s license and an attested copy of a driving record from Registry of Motor Vehicles to Maureen Cruise, Director of Personnel no later than 4:30 PM on Friday, February 19, 2016.

      Finalist will be subject to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check.

     Brockton requires residency within one year of employment.  An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.





The City of Brockton seeks qualified applicants for the City Engineer who works under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Works.  The city Engineer is responsible to assist the Commissioner of Public Works in the effective management, administration and coordination of all operations within the Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works.

                The primary purpose of the position is to be responsible for the effective management, administration and coordination of the operations within the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division, for the fiscal and financial affairs of the Engineering Division and the management, administration and control of all personnel assigned to the Engineering Division.  Responsible to perform complex administrative and professional work in program management, planning and regulatory work in the Engineering Division, performs all other related work.

                 Performs varied and responsible duties requiring a thorough working knowledge of departmental operations and the exercise of judgment and initiative to carry out assignments independently, analyze situations and conditions, and determine appropriate course of action from among many alternatives.  Supervises the staff of the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division.

 Works for the Commissioner of Public Works, following department policies and appropriate professional standards.  Resolves procedural problems independently.

Responsible to direct, assign and reassign all personnel within the Department of Public Works Engineering Division in accordance with any collective bargaining agreements, civil service regulations and/or City Ordinances. He/She shall administer personnel services, such as vacation, sick, personal and compensation time leave; evaluation of personnel performance; and the initiation of disciplinary action.  He/She shall act as the level 1 hearing officer for all grievances originating in the division.  He/she shall assign disciplinary action when delegated to him/her by the Commissioner of Public Works.

                Responsible to make such contracts on behalf of the city as may be necessary in carrying out the functions of his/her  office; subject, however to the approval of the Commissioner of Public Works, the mayor and the appropriating power of the city council as prescribed in the charter.  He/She shall enforce the rules and regulations adopted by the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division and shall have general supervision of all the subordinate officers of the division. 

                Responsible for the planning, survey, design, and contract specification for construction of streets, sidewalks and other public works projects, and maintain records of the same, including city property and physical systems; to take a prominent role in the development of the infrastructure phase of the city’s capital budget and makes recommendations on current and future projects;  to administer the detail of chapter 90 state highway funding and related projects financed under this law; for ensuring technical compliance with local, county, and state and federal requirements in performing professional engineering services on a variety of projects for all municipal offices, boards, and commissions of the ultimate benefit, general protection and safety for all.

                Responsible to plan, organize and direct engineering operations providing fieldwork, surveys, and designs for special permit conditions; for the administration, organization, and coordination of engineering programs, to provide operational development and completion of public construction activities, to review developed projects affecting the public sector.

                Shall have charge and custody of all the surveying instruments, plans, profiles and measurements of the public buildings, streets, sidewalks, water pipes, reservoirs, culverts and bridges belonging to the city, which are not especially made for other departments, and shall keep the same when not in use in the office provided by the city; keep all plans properly classified and indexed.  May make such rules and regulations concerning the taking of plans from the office as may be deemed necessary to insure their safety.

                Shall have the authority to establish and to perpetuate such bench marks as may be necessary for the accomplishments of accurate work, and shall keep a list of such bench marks, their elevations, with such descriptions as will readily identify them; make all surveys and plans duly authorized, relating to the laying out, widening, extending and grading of streets, and establishing correct lines for the same, and shall calculate and ascertain the proper grade and level of all streets which are now laid out and established, or of which may be required by the city council to ascertain the grade, with the boundaries and measurements therefore, and make plans thereof, indicating the names of the owners of estates, if know, upon such streets;  properly mark and perpetuate the lines, angels and curves of public streets by suitable stone monuments which shall be properly and securely set; and keep a record of the description of all town or county roads as have been heretofore laid out and established, and of all city streets laid out by the city council.

                Responsible to review applications by any person intending to build on any public street, the lines of which may have been established by the city council, he/she shall ascertain the bounds of the same.  All information of this character, furnished to owners of estates, or persons representing them, or to those intending to build shall be without charge.

                Shall report to the city council all encroachments which may come to his/her knowledge, in any of the accepted streets of the city.

                At the request of the committee or board having the matter in charge, he/she shall obtain full and correct names of every person owning or having an interest in the lands and adjoin any street or way proposed to be laid out, altered, graded, or improved in its sidewalks with curbs or covering, and shall also, when so requested, present to every such person, waivers of notice and damage, for his/her signature.

                Shall perform such other functions as the City Engineer, Commissioner of Public Works, the Mayor, the City Council or the Revised Ordinances shall required.

                Responsible to advise the Commissioner of Public Works, the Mayor and City Council on all matters that are in the scope of the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division’s activities and functions.

                Responsible for the preparation of the department’s annual general fund  budget and capital budget; present budget recommendations and justifications; review and analyze performance against budget and develop appropriate control procedures; and oversee the specification and procurement of departmental supplies, materials and equipment; advise and assist the Commissioner of Public Works in the long-range planning for future infrastructure of the capital budget, formulate, present and explain short-range budgets and capital projects before Commissioner of Public Works, the Mayor, City Council and Finance Committee, and other groups as necessary; regularly inform the Commissioner of Public Works on the status of programs, operations and projects.

                Responsible for innovatively providing all departmental services to the City; design and direct construction of public works projects and determine their scope and schedule; recommends, develops, implements and coordinates city policies and programs.

                Provide overall direction to the Engineering Division; develop departmental goals and objectives; design departmental organization structure; assess performance in relation to established goals; and with approval of the Commissioner of Public Works take appropriate action to improve departmental efficiency and service.

                Provide a trained and competent work force for the administration, clerical and accounting functions; for the maintenance, operation, repair and construction of city streets, sidewalks and other public works projects.  Instruct, direct, advise and assist subordinates as to schedules, methods, technical requirements; departmental, city, state and federal policies; provide personnel management for all departmental employees in conformance with union contracts and civil/labor service laws and provide overall supervision and training for departmental personnel; select and evaluate personnel and recommend appropriate personnel actions; provide recommendations relative to the negotiations and administration of labor agreements; and hear and resolve employee grievances within authority.

                Acts as the liaison with and represents the Engineering Division before state, federal and regional authorities; ensures compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

                Advises the Commissioner of Public Works, the Mayor, City Council and appropriate City Boards and Commissions on the technical aspects of Engineering initiatives and programs, makes recommendations as appropriate.

                Supervise the work of consultants hired to assist the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division.

                Revise and amend, when appropriate, rules and regulations and procedures relevant to the proper operation of the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division.

                Applies for and administers grants; prepares reports and documents as required; maintains records and plans as required.

                Stays abreast of legislative, technical and professional developments within the Engineering jurisdiction through continuing education, professional associations, seminars, forums, etc; shares relevant knowledge with staff and City officials.

                Report to the Commissioner of Public Works, on a regular basis, the current objectives and programs of the Department and the activities of the Department with regard to those objectives and programs.

                Perform similar or related department work as required or as situation dictates and as assigned by the Commissioner of Public Works.

                Office work is performed under typical office conditions; operates standard office equipment; including a computer, camera, slide projector, scanner, printer, facsimile machine, copier and other standard office equipment.  Frequent exposure to variable outdoor weather conditions and hazards associated with outdoor projects and facilities; required to attend meetings or direct field operations during non-business hours.

                Performs varied and highly responsible functions requiring extensive independent judgment to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and departmental policies.

                Has frequent contact with employees, departments, elected and appointed officials, citizen or governmental committees, state and federal personnel agencies, vendors, consultants, contractors, outside organizations and the general public, by phone or in writing and involve discussing complex information; resolving service requests.  Close cooperation, coordination and collaboration may be required with City Boards and other City departments due to overlapping projects and jurisdictions.

                Has control of confidential information such as department personnel records, bid/proposal information, labor and collective bargaining matters, investigations and other information regarding employees.

                Errors in judgment and administration decisions may cause an adverse impact on employee morale, cause confusion and delay, legal or financial repercussions; waste of public funds, lower standards of service that could seriously affect the public image of the department or the city; and significantly impact long-term capital planning and infrastructure.

                 Graduate from an accredited four (4) year college or university with specialization in engineering; more than ten (10) years of responsible experience with a minimum of five (5) years in a supervisory position; or any equivalent combination of education, training or experience which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

                 Must possess a valid Massachusetts driver’s license.  Massachusetts registration as a Professional Engineer (PE), pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 112, sections 81D through 81T.

                Working knowledge of civil engineering principles, practices and methods as applicable to construction and maintenance of roadways and bridges in a municipal setting. Considerable knowledge or experience with state bidding practices and use of state contracts. Working knowledge of environmental health and safety relevant to engineering operations. Knowledge and ability to interpret and develop plans and specifications utilizing relevant computer applications.  Demonstrated ability to manage a variety of responsibilities under variable conditions.

Ability to lead, motivate and direct a diverse workforce. Demonstrated ability to manage complex technical and administrative duties requiring independent judgment. Ability to interpret and apply federal, state and bylaw rules and regulations as applicable to engineering activities;  to maintain effective working and professional relationships with employees’ officials, contractors, vendors and the general public; to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships with City officials and departments, state agencies and the general public ; to deal with employees tactfully and effectively and maintain positive public relations; to communicate effectively in written and oral form; ability to prepare and administer budgets and to prepare financial reports; ability to delegate responsibility and work well with subordinates.

                Effective Management and leadership skills; skill in developing policies and procedures to accomplish goals and objectives; imagination, innovation and judgment relating to planning and achieving department goals. Demonstrated organizational, planning and financial skills.

                Salary $73,455-$89,477, 4 step position, step increases on anniversary date of hire until reach

maximum step, position includes medical & other fringe benefits.

                Brockton requires residency within 1 year of employment.  AA/EEO.

                Send a cover letter, resume, copy of valid MA Drivers License, & copy of driving record from MA              Registry of Motor Vehicles to Maureen Cruise, Director of Personnel, City of   Brockton, 45 School Street, Brockton, MA  02301, via e-mail to mcruise@cobma.us, or via facsimile at 508-580-7133.  Position open until filled. Finalists subject to Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check.





Duties include but are not limited to the following: Performs manual work relating to installation, maintenance and repair of the water supply system, water mains and services; performs semi-skilled manual work in construction, operation and maintenance of either water and/or sewer systems including, but not limited to, work on reservoirs, water gates, sewers, side sewers, drains, mains, and connectors; cuts, lays and caulks water, sewer or drainpipes, using machine or hand tools to force sealing compound into joints to make them watertight; performs masonry duties in the construction of manholes and other system brickwork structures, works on various types of water pipes (PVC, CI, copper, etc.) and main lines including valves and house service lines; pumps water from trenches; digs, braces, and backfills excavation for the purpose of locating pipe leaks or preparing areas for laying pipes; shuts off and opens gates and sidewalk stops; repair or replace worn or broken parts such as pipes in water and sewer systems; installs and/or removes household water meters; marks locations of water mains and services. 

Drives dump truck, boom truck with pipe, pickup truck while towing air compressor; picks up cold patch or asphalt for plant; hauls gravel from screening plant to public work yards and to job sites. Maintains pump stations, water tanks, buildings and gate houses; keeps grounds clean and performs related maintenance work. Jackhammers roads and floors; assists craftsmen. Lifts and carries iron pipes, pumps, generators, gate boxes, cinder blocks, tools, and other heavy objects.

Cleans and unblocks sewer clogs; responds to back-ups in homes and businesses; cleans up after back-ups, vacuums cellars and disposes of sewerage; uses specialized equipment in freeing lines, such as jet truck and rodder truck; may work with private contractors to help them avoid hitting water or sewer mains and boxes during construction and excavation; works in trenches and confined spaces to conduct repair and reconstruction work; uses shovel and other tools and equipment during construction and repair work; lifts tools, heavy supplies, manhole covers, grates and other heavy objects; performs other related duties as assigned by the Commissioner, Superintendent of Utilities, General Foreman or designee. 

Supervision: Works under the direct supervision of the General Foreman or Construction Foreman, following department rules, regulations, safety procedures and policies to complete assignments.  Priorities are established by the supervisor. 

Work Environment: Work is performed outside, with exposure to constant loud noise and potential exposure to equipment with moving mechanical parts; outdoor work may be performed in adverse weather conditions, with exposure to hazards associated with chemicals, sewerage, heavy equipment.  Workload is subject to

seasonal fluctuations often requiring emergency responses to broken pipes and back-ups. Operates a variety of special motor equipment and other equipment, such as trucks and other heavy and light equipment.  The employee also operates various hand, power and pneumatic tools, and specialized equipment such as jet trucks, rodder trucks and compressors. Generally has contact with other City employees, utility personnel and contractors.  Errors could result in personal injury, injury to others, delay or loss of service and damage to buildings or equipment.    

Minimum Qualifications: Education and Experience: High school diploma required; technical training in the use of tools and construction equipment desired; two years of construction experience; experience laying pipe and performing related work; experience operating heavy motor equipment; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Additional Requirement: Valid Massachusetts Commercial Driver’s License Class B with air brakes.

Knowledge, Ability, and Skill: Knowledge of techniques of construction and the operation of maintenance equipment; knowledge of safety practices and procedures.  Ability to perform heavy construction work; ability to solve construction related problems; ability to operate heavy and other motor equipment, power, pneumatic and hand tools, and specialized equipment.                 

Essential Functions: Work is performed outside and requires strenuous physical effort. Frequently required to use hands to operate equipment, walk, stand, sit, speak, hear, reach with hands and arms, balance, crouch, crawl, stoop, climb, and work in confined spaces.  Stamina is required to work in adverse weather conditions.  Required to lift or move items weighing up to sixty pounds.  Physical ability to use power and hand tools, drive motor vehicles, operate and drive various pieces of special maintenance equipment.  Vision requirements include the ability to operate vehicles and equipment. 

Salary:  $41,371-$42,973, position is 5 steps, increases, 3 years, 6 years, 9 years and 12 years, position includes medical & other fringe benefits. 

Persons interested in being considered for the position should submit a cover letter, resume, copy of MA driver’s license and an attested copy of driving record from Registry of Motor Vehicles to Maureen Cruise, Director of Personnel, 45 School Street, Brockton, MA, via e-mail at mcruise@cobma.us or facsimile to 508-580-7133 no later than 4:30 P.M. on Friday, November 27,  2015.  Finalists will be subject to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, a pre-employment physical, including drug/alcohol testing.

Brockton requires residency within 1 year of employment, must remain a resident for 7 years.  An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

 Interested applicants who are not currently City of Brockton Labor Service certified for the position of Water/Sewer Maintenance Man must pick up a Labor Service application in the Personnel Department, City Hall between the hours of 8:30 A.M. & 4:30 P.M, Monday through Friday or on the City Web Page at www.brockton.ma.us.  The application must be submitted with all the above referenced materials in order to be considered for the position.

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