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Duties include but are not limited to the following: Perform skilled repair, maintenance, and inspection of motor equipment; diagnose failures in equipment; inspect gasoline and diesel internal combustion engine-powered vehicles and other engine powered equipment; troubleshoot problems to determine appropriate repairs; check brakes, suspension and steering components; change oil, check fluids, grease equipment; do tune-ups; performs major repairs such as rebuilding engines; converts trucks into sanders; installs dump bodies and new hydraulic pumps; repairs hydraulic systems; repair electrical systems, loaders, backhoes, street sweepers, sidewalk plows, air compressors, heavy and light trucks, automobiles and other equipment; repair plows and install new cutting edges on plows; respond to breakdowns and conduct field repairs; adjust breaks and clutches; adjust or replace carburetors; remove sanders from trucks; lift transmissions, truck tires, truck springs and other truck parts; do front-end work such as wheel alignment; repair and replace tires; remove and dissemble diesel and gasoline engines; replace faulty or work parts; grind valves; perform engine overhauls; perform auto body and related welding and metal working duties.

Perform preventative maintenance, such as lubrication and replacing oil filters; perform body repairs and paint trucks and equipment; install equipment and electronics such as two-way radios and strobe light kits; maintains records of labor and materials used on various pieces of equipment. Ensure that appropriate work practices and operating procedures are followed to ensure compliance with applicable safety practices and standards.  Performs similar or related work as assigned by supervisor, or as situation dictates.

Supervision: Works under the general direction of the Superintendent or designee; follows department rules, regulations and policies to complete assignments.  Assignments are provided daily and work may be reviewed as completed.

            Work Environment: Most work performed in a shop environment, but work may be performed outside in field conditions; work involves exposure to constant loud noise and potential exposure to equipment with moving mechanical parts and hydraulic systems; field work may be performed in adverse weather conditions with exposure to hazards associated with chemicals, and use of heavy equipment.  Workload is subject to seasonal fluctuations which are expected, but cannot be specifically anticipated.  May respond to emergency situations to repair equipment.   Operates heavy equipment and trucks; uses hand, power and pneumatic tools; operates standard office equipment.  Generally has contact with other departments and City employees.  Errors could result in personal injury, injury to others, delay or loss of service and damage to equipment.   

            Minimum Qualifications: Education and Experience: High school diploma required; additional technical training; three to five years of light and heavy truck and equipment maintenance and repair experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Proficiency in a second language preferred.

Additional Requirements: Valid Massachusetts Commercial Driver’s License Class B with air brakes.

Knowledge, Ability, and Skill: Thorough knowledge of techniques and principles of equipment maintenance and repair; knowledge of equipment and truck systems; knowledge of fabrication and equipment troubleshooting; knowledge of safety practices and procedures.  Ability to troubleshoot mechanical problems; ability to develop maintenance solutions; ability to operate heavy and other motor equipment, power tools, and hand tools; ability to read technical manuals and equipment specifications, work orders and instructions.  Problem solving skills; skill in assessing mechanical problems and finding solutions.

Essential Functions: Work is performed in shop conditions; strenuous physical effort is often required when performing maintenance and repair duties.  The employee is frequently required to use hands to operate equipment, walk, stand sit, speak, hear, reach with hands and arms, balance, crouch, crawl, stoop, climb.  Stamina is required to work in adverse weather conditions.  Required to lift or move items weighing up to sixty pounds.  Physical ability to use power and hand tools, drive motor vehicles, operate and drive various pieces of special maintenance equipment.  Vision requirements include the ability to read routine documents and operate vehicles and equipment.

            Salary $44,283-$45,989, position is 5 steps, increases, 3 years, 6 years, 9 years and 12 years position includes medical & other fringe benefits. 

Brockton requires residency within one year of employment, must remain a resident for 7 years. An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

             Cover letter, resume, copy of Massachusetts Commercial Driver’s License & copy of driving record from MA Registry of Motor Vehicles to Maureen Cruise, Director of Personnel.  Position open until filled.

Interested applicants who are not currently City of Brockton Labor Service certified for the position of Motor Equipment Repairperson must pick up a Labor Service application in the Personnel Department, City Hall between the hours of 8:30 A.M. & 4:30 P.M, Monday through Friday.  The application must be submitted with all the above referenced materials in order to be considered for the position.

Finalists subject to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check and a pre-employment physical.





Duties include but are not limited to the following:  Assisting the Director Economic Development & Planning by reviewing applications to Planning  Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conversation Commission, Historic Commission and other relevant regulatory bodies plans for conformity with appropriate provisions of the state laws and the ordinances of the City of Brockton; assist in preparing staff reports; assist in preparing Board/Commission decisions; drafting city sponsored zoning text and map amendments; assisting the public with questions regarding zoning text and maps;   and FEMA Flood Zone maps. Conducting site plan and development impact reviews; demographic and statistical analysis; conducting planning studies including, but not limited to:  Comprehensive District zoning, land use, open space, housing, economic development and transportation.  Applies professional skills and knowledge to planning projects and responsibilities such as collecting data and statistics, assisting in planning studies, performing preliminary analysis, preparing maps and reports, managing zoning files and GIS Database.  Serve as liaison to business and community organizations, coordinate events and initiatives. Performs similar or related duties as required, as situations dictates or as assigned by the Director Economic Development & Planning or his/her designee.

                Supervision:  Works under the general direction of the Director Economic Development & Planning in accordance with the applicable provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A (Zoning), 40C (Historic Districts), and Chapter 41 K-GG (Subdivision Control) with other appropriate provisions of state laws and the ordinances of the City of Brockton.  Most work is performed independently; refers difficult or unusual circumstances to Director Economic Development & Planning.

                Work Environment:  Works is subject to unplanned fluctuations and administrative deadlines; attendance at night meetings is required.  Administrative work is performed in office conditions; some site work is required to obtain the necessary data and statistics for planning studies.

                Minimum Qualifications: Education and Experience:  Bachelor’s Degree in Urban/Regional Planning or related field and one year of professional experience.  Master’s Degree may be substituted for experience. Skill in vector-based computer programs such as Adobe products, and GIS, a plus.

      Additional Requirement:  Valid Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.

                Knowledge, Ability, and Skill:  Knowledge of standard office practices and procedures, general knowledge of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A (Zoning), 40 C (Historic Districts), and Chapter 41 K-GG (Subdivision Control). Ability to prioritize tasks and work independently; ability to work effectively under time constraints to meet deadline; ability to interact tactfully and effectively with City employees, state, federal and local agencies, and the public.  Strong organizational skills.  Good communication skills; ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Computer skills which include thorough knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel; and experience with digital photography.

                Essential functions:  Minimal physical effort is required to perform administrative duties.  Required to stand, wall, sit, speak, hear and use hands to operate equipment.  Vision requirements include the ability to read and analyze documents; use computer and standard office equipment; and operate a motor vehicle.

                Moderate physical effort is demanded in making site work.  While conducting site work, the employee is required to use hands, walk, stand, sit, speak, hear, climb or balance, knell or crouch.  Agility is required to access all areas during site work.

  Salary:  $43, 892-$48,155, 5 step position, one step increase each year on anniversary date of hire until reach maximum step, position includes medical and other fringe benefits.

Cover letter, resume, copy of Massachusetts Drivers License and a copy of an attested driving record from Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to Maureen Cruise, Director of Personnel, 45 School Street, Brockton, MA  02301.  Position open until filled.

Finalists will be subject to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check.

Brockton requires residency within one year of employment, must remain a resident for seven (7) years.  An Affirmative/Equal Opportunity Employer.



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