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Campello & Southern Main Street Vision Report


The City of Brockton is identifying reinvestment and development strategies to invigorate the local economy and revitalize community assets of the Campello Neighborhood. Strategies include introducing new land-use types that increase density and diversity of use, amending existing zoning, and using development models like Transit- Oriented Development (TOD) to expand commercial and residential offering and improve transportation infrastructure for pedestrians.

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This effort will focus on leveraging existing assets including transportation infrastructure like the Campello MBTA station, public parks and open spaces like Keith Park, and historically relevant features such as the Franklin building. It also identifies solutions for addressing contemporary challenges impacting the neighborhood like vacant storefronts and buildings to be put back into revenue service, empty lots where new residential and commercial uses could be established, and a combination of lack of open spaces and parks in poor maintenance. This document provides a review of existing conditions from previous studies, including market forces of the Campello neighborhood; summary of the public outreach process of both residents and business community; and recommendations for preferred development and land-use as identified by community members and stakeholders to encourage reinvestment in the Campello Neighborhood.

Here are some helpful documents that relate to past and present studies in Campello and South Main St:

Campello Study Area Charette Map

Get Involved in Campello!

Check out the various associations down in Campello through the Campello Main Streets organization, Campello Business Association, or the Keith Park Neighborhood Association

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