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The Corcoran Sub-district is characterized by a mix of commercial and residential uses, and is complimented by the presence of public parks, an expanded public library, and a significant length of frontage along the Salisbury River, and proximity to public transportation. There is significant potential for residential redevelopment in the sub-district.

The sub-district includes several publicly-owned properties, some that are in use, and others that are underutilized.  Sixty-one percent of the total land of the sub-district is publicly-owned, the highest percentage of public owned land of all the sub-districts.  Fifteen of the 21 buildings in the Corcoran Sub-District were built in 1939 or earlier.  The sub-district also has one building listed on the National Register of Historic Places, 43 Crescent Street.  The building now serves as the Central Office Administration for the Brockton Public Schools.


For more information or details about 40-R Smart Growth District Design Standards, contact the Planning Department at (508) 580-7113.

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