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Arts and Culture Sub-District


The Arts/Culture sub-district includes a diverse mix of building uses and scales, as well as some of the most the most attractive and unique architecture in the downtown area.  Legion Parkway is the primary east-west corridor through the sub-district, and with a double-barrel boulevard layout, is among the most distinctive pedestrian corridors in downtown.  The district emphasizes retaining Legion Parkway as a central pedestrian and retail destination.

The priorities for the sub-district include: townhouse infill, redevelopment and upper story residential, including the restoration of buildings with historical or architectural significance.  Forty-two of the 55 buildings in the sub-district were built in 1939 or earlier.

The sub-district includes two buildings on the National Register of Historic Places: 89 and 105 Main Street (the Lyman Block and Curtis Building respectively).  The corridor includes existing retail and mixed use development fronting on wide sidewalks with curbside parking.


For more information or details about 40-R Smart Growth District Design Standards, contact the Planning Department at (508) 580-7113.


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