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Property boundaries reflected on map are approximate.



The 40-R Smart Growth Overlay District was developed to expand and expedite development in the city’s downtown.  The Smart Growth Overlay District allows for residential and mixed-use development within five specified geographic areas in accordance with clear policies and development objectives for those areas; establishes a clear and predictable permitting process for renovation and new construction within the district; creates consistent design standards to ensure all new development is of high quality and strengthens Downtown Brockton; encourages a wide range of uses including: office, retail, recreation, and residential; facilitates the development of affordable housing units; and matches investment in public infrastructure improvements with private efforts to support the development of new housing units within walking distance to public transit.

Brockton’s 40-R Smart Growth Overlay District was established in 2007 by municipal ordinance, and has received approval from the state Department of Housing and Community Development.

For more information or details about 40-R Smart Growth District Design Standards, contact the Planning Department at (508) 580-7113.

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