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Rob May
Director of Planning and Economic Development

Pam Gurley
Administrative Assistant to the Planning Board
and Conservation Commission 

Shane O'Brien
Staff Planner

PHONE: (508) 580-7113

EMAIL: planning@cobma.us

Brockton City Hall
45 School Street
Brockton, Mass. 02301


8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Brockton City Hall

Department of Planning and Economic Development

The Department of Planning and Economic Development is the lead agency responsible for all phases of planning in the city of Brockton and assists the Mayor and the City Council with public policy information and analysis.  The office performs demographic studies, analysis and preparation of plans, and implementing actions including, but not limited to: the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance review, fair housing plan, the five-year recreation/conservation/open space plan, small area and neighborhood plans, land use plan, transportation, and economic development.

40Q – Downtown Brockton District Improvement Financing (DIF) Plan

Recent and ongoing private investment underway in Downtown Brockton affords a unique, near-term opportunity to leverage that private investment to secure and optimize improvements to public infrastructure. Specifically, establishment of a DIF District offers potential benefits to secure improvements with future incremental new revenue.

Notice of Public Hearing
Pending Council Order
Exhibit A
District Map

Planning Board Documents

Site plans and other information for Planning Board agenda items (past, present and future) are located here (in PDF form).

Planning Board Items


2013-2017 Consolidated Plan - DraftPDF894.19 KB Download
2015 Conservation Commission Meeting DeadlinesPDF48.03 KB Download
2015 Planning Board Meeting DeadlinesPDF59.22 KB Download
2015 Technical Review Meeting DeadlinesPDF9.35 KB Download
Annual Plan Public Comment DraftPDF1.45 MB Download
CAPER Year 3 FinalPDF1.97 MB Download
Caper Year 4PDF390.89 KB Download
City of Brockton Open Space and Recreation Plan - 2013PDF16.73 MB Download
Planning Board Rules and RegulationsPDF96.27 KB Download
Site Plan ReviewPDF64.48 KB Download
Subdivision Rules and RegulationsPDF1.77 MB Download
Zoning Text Amendment as recommended by Planning Board May 2015PDF145.92 KB Download


Definitive Subdivision ApplicationPDF376.15 KB Download
Planning - Form APDF420.98 KB Download
Planning - Form BPDF421.14 KB Download
Site Plan ApplicationPDF96.94 KB Download
ZBA Return ApplicationPDF1.29 MB Download

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