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Cynthia Scrivani
Executive Director

Records Access Officer

PHONE: (508) 580-7117

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EMAIL: elections@cobma.us

 Brockton City Hall
45 School Street
Brockton, Mass.  02301


8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



Joseph E. Moses, Jr.

Catherine M. Mallard

Henry A. Silvia

Frederick M. McDermott



Brockton City Hall

The Elections Commission manages and conducts all elections in Brockton and maintains all election records.  The Commission is responsible for voter registration.

As a non-partisan resource, the Elections Commission is a great place to start for anyone interested in running for public office.

The Elections Commission also conducts the city’s annual census.  Each year, a census form is mailed out to all Brockton residents.  The information from that survey helps to determine the city’s eligibility for many important programs and grants.

2018 Political Calendar

2017 Sample November Ballots

Election Results

Candidate Financials

Register to Vote Online

Poll Locations

How to apply for an absentee ballot

2012 Census Form

Dog License Form

Archived Documents

Stand up for Brockton ExpendituresPDF2.56 MB Download
Special State Election Sample BallotsPDF1.68 MB Download
Special State Election InfoPDF364.53 KB Download
Richard Reid-Stand up for Brockton ExpendituresPDF2.60 MB Download
Massasoit Industrial Corp. ExpendituresPDF1.49 MB Download
Massasoit Greyhound Association ExpendituresPDF1.95 MB Download
Mass Gaming Expenditure AddendumPDF3.98 MB Download
Mass Gaming & Entertainment LLC ExpendituresPDF15.44 MB Download
Mass Gaming & Entertainment ExpendituresPDF18.65 MB Download
Custom Blends Inc ExpendituresPDF976.34 KB Download
Carney Office Building Trust ExpendituresPDF1.52 MB Download
Brockton Poll LocationsPDF6.56 KB Download
Adriano Cabral ExpendituresPDF1.59 MB Download
2017 Sept Preliminary Sample BallotsPDF2.50 MB Download
2017 Sample November BallotsPDF4.20 MB Download
2017 Political CalendarPDF7.66 KB Download
2016 State Primary Sample BallotsPDF735.69 KB Download
2016 Primary Election Sample BallotsPDF1.69 MB Download
2016 November Sample BallotsPDF5.98 MB Download
2015 Sept Preliminary Ballot CandidatesPDF8.06 KB Download
2015 Sample BallotsPDF5.41 MB Download
2015 Political CalendarPDF8.36 KB Download
2015 Casino Sample BallotPDF1.49 MB Download
2014 State Election Ballot - 9th DistrictPDF2.44 MB Download
2014 State Election Ballot - 11th DistrictPDF2.60 MB Download
2014 State Election Ballot - 10th DistrictPDF2.67 MB Download
2014 Primary BallotsPDF3.44 MB Download
2013 Special State Election BallotsPDF46.31 KB Download
2013 Special Sample BallotsPDF593.44 KB Download
2013 Special Election Sample BallotsPDF1.72 MB Download
2013 Sample BallotsPDF605.59 KB Download
2013 Preliminary BallotsPDF53.71 KB Download
2012 State Primary Sample BallotsPDF254.18 KB Download
2012 Sample State BallotsPDF1023.89 KB Download
2012 Presidential Primary Sample BallotsPDF1.91 MB Download

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